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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Comparison between how German and Taiwanese University Students Learn English as a Foreign Language.

Key Words:
1. methods of learning
2. foreign language
3. self-learning
4. e-learning
5. teaching English as foreign language
6. Language learning

1. When did they start to learn English?
2. By which method did the teachers use to teach English?
3. How long have they learned English?
4. The difficulties the students facing while learning English.
5. The advantages and disadvantage German and Taiwanese students will face?

I. Introduction
A. How German University Student learn English.
B. How Taiwanese University Student learn English.
1. the difference
2. the similarity
II. The advantage and disadvantage of students will face.
A. From German University Students
B. From Taiwanese University Students
1. the advantages
2. the disadvantages
III. How they improve self-English learning
A. German student’s ways
B. Taiwanese students’ ways
1. difficulties they will face
2. the parts that they feel simple

IV. Conclusion

Since English becomes a global and international language, in this research, I would like to discuss comparison between how difference or similarities that Taiwanese and German University Students learning English as a foreign language.


Blogger Research Writing said...

The idea is there but I think you need to rewrite your thesis. You need to state your proposition/stand on this issue. What similarities/differences do you think they have? The answer could be your thesis.

8:08 AM  
Blogger Research Writing said...

You need to use my gmail account so I could make the necessary feedback on your writely document.

You may delete aidenyeh@yahoo.com as collaborator and change it to my gmail account.

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