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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Comparison between German and Taiwanese High School Students Learning English as a Foreign Language.

By Chen, Shou Chen

Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages

I. Abstract
Since learning English is a requirement courses in high school both in Taiwan
and Germany. How students learning English as a foreign language of high school students here in Taiwan or in Germany will definitely be influenced according to their learning strategies, teaching method or even students themselves. However, is there something in common between their English learning? Or are there only differences between them? Therefore, in my research paper, I would like to discuss the comparison between how high school students in Taiwan and Germany learning English as a foreign language.

II. Proposal
After a summer in Germany, I found out that most of people in Germany can
speak English. However, I’ve also found some people from Taiwan; they have difficulties with speaking English. Since learning English is both a required courses in both Taiwanese and German high school, what makes English different or similar in the two different countries. Therefore, I would like to compare the difference and similarities between them. My hypothesis would be that German High School students will do better than Taiwanese students in vocabulary part. On the other hand, grammar part will be hard for both Taiwanese and German students.

III. Literature Review
According to Oxford and Nyikos (1989), they pointed out those learning
strategies will deeply influence how students learning English. Carls (1976), did a research about how some relevant words are similar in German and English. Therefore, I supposed that learning or to memorize English vocabulary is simpler for German students since some of the words are similar to each other.
IV. Method
In this research paper, I will examine how Taiwanese and German high school
students learning English, I will mainly focus on the vocabulary and grammar part. The study sample will be the high school students of 11 and 12 grade of both Taiwanese and German high school. I would ask high school students both in Taiwan and Germany to fill in a questionnaire about how they learn English especially focus how they learn English grammar and vocabulary. Then, I will give students a grammar and vocabulary test to see how Taiwanese and German high school students do on it and compare their result.


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