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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Annotated Bibilography

1.Oxford, R., & Nyikos, M. (1989). Variables Affecting Choice of Language Learning Strategies. Modern Language Journal, 73,291-300.


This chapter is mainly talking about student’s learning strategies, and how effective learning strategies would affect students learning. There are also factors of related learning strategies.

Polio, G. C. & Duff, A. P. (1994). Teachers' Language Use in University Foreign Language Classrooms: A Qualitative Analysis of English and Target Language Alternation. Modern Language Journal,78, 313-326.


This chapter is talking real observation the classroom of teaching and learning English as a foreign language.

Horwitz, K. E. (1988). The Beliefs about Language Learning of Beginning University Foreign Language Students. Modern Language Journal, 72, 283-294.


In this article, the author discuss about variable affecting choices of learning strategies. Also that using appropriate learning strategies will enhance students to take their responsibilities of learning.

Flege, E. J. (1988). Factors affecting degree of perceived foreign accent in English sentences. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of AmericaJames Emil Flege, 84, 70-79


This article is mainly about how Chinese students learning English, more focused on their pronunciation.

Eck, I. (2003). Schriftliche Planung der unterrichtspraktischen Prüfung gem. 59


This article is a study of high school student learning English by reading poetry.

Bister-Broosen, H. (1998) “Sprachkontakte und Sprachattitueden Jugendlicher im Elsass und in Baden : Vergleichende soziolinguistische Untersuchungen in Colmar (Frankreich)und in Freiburg und Muellheim“, Peter Lang.

In this book, it talks about how people in Freiburg learning language.

Carls, U. (1976). Das Problem der sprachlichen Interferenz, dargestellt am Deutschen und Englischen. Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanismus, 24, 119-123.

In this article, they studies how relevant words of the comparison between German and English and also how they are similar from each other.

Koenigs, F. (2003). Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages in Germany: a personal overview of developments in research.

This book is talking about how foreign languages such as English has been taught or learned in Germany.

Vester, Frederic. (1978). Denken, Lernen, Vergessen: Was geht in unserem Kopf vor, wie lernt das Gehirn, und wann läßt es uns im Stich?

This book is talking about the learning strategies, why people think and learn but also forget very fast.

Zapp, J. (1983). Sprachbetrachtung im lexikalisch-semantischen Bereich; eine Hilfe beim Zweit- und Drittsprachenerwerb..

This book is talking about language learning in linguistic, for example, semantic point of view.


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